Old crop corn stocks slide 12%

WASHINGTON – On-farm stocks of old crop corn totaled 275,000,000 bushels on Sept. 1, down 12 percent from 313,700,000 bushels a year earlier, while off-farm supplies were 548,642,000 bushels, down 19 percent from 675,327,000 bushels. Indicated disappearance of corn during the June-August period was 1.94 billion bushels, down 10 percent from 2.16 billion bushels in the same period last year, the USDA said.

Old crop, on-farm soybean stocks were 39,550,000 bushels, up 3 percent from 38,250,000 bushels on Sept. 1, 2012, while off-farm stocks totaled 101,048,000 bushels, down 23 percent from 131,120,000 bushels. Indicated disappearance during June-August was 294 million bushels, down 41 percent from the same period a year earlier.

Sept. 1 stocks of other grains were: barley, 196,444,000 bushels, down slightly from 2012; oats, 63,445,000 bushels, down 25 percent; old crop grain sorghum, 15,034,000 bushels, down 34 percent; and old crop sunflower seed, 338,873,000 lbs., up 78 percent, including 275,658,000 lbs. of oil type, up 174 percent, and 63,215,000 lbs. of non-old type, down 30 percent.


Source:  http://www.meatpoultry.com


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